Freight lifts

Lifts constructed according to the Standards PN-EN81.1. and PN-EN81.2 can be used to transport goods accompanied by people. Freight lifts should, however, take into account the specific nature of the transported goods and environmental conditions of their operation.

The client shall provide data such as:

  1. Max. dimensions of the load, loading truck weight and dimensions, max. weight of single load on the truck, max. lifting capacity for the goods transported in the cabin.
  2. Required IP protection degree for the lift installation.
  3. Operating temperature.
  4. Dustiness.
  5. Sanitary requirements.

Lift Service SA can produce freight lifts the configuration of which can basically correspond to the selected lifts included in the catalogues:

  • Electrical lifts without engine room
  • Electrical lifts
  • Hydraulic lifts 

or other according to individual request, with lifting capacity of up to Q= 6,000 Kg in the case of electrical lifts with or without engine room and Q = 10,000 Kg for hydraulic lifts.

Freight lifts with right of access to the cabin during loading.

Constructed according to the Standard PN-EN81.31 and Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and with lifting speed of up to v=1.0 m/s.

Technical solutions and building guidelines are available only upon individual requests.

Lifts can transport loads without the presence of people and are particularly recommended for the transport of containers and loads higher than 1.2 m.

Small freight lifts (so-called kitchen lifts)

Constructed according to the Standard PN-EN 81.3, with a cabin with a maxn area of  1m2, max height  of 1.2 m and lifting capacity no higher than 300 Kg.

Possible available configurations of lifts with tilting or guillotine doors of SKG brand, e.g. ISO-A, ISO-C, ISO-D, ISO-5, ISO-Z or BKG brand, e.g. BKG 100…; BKG 200…; BKG 300…, are available upon individual request after agreeing the input data and specifying customer expectations.