Lift emergency service / Maintenance

emergency service
phone number
607 777 036
42 634 05 05

Our potential is based on industry experience, highly specialized technical staff, trained in Western European Companies, as well as leading partner in the production of lifting equipment on the domestic market.

The lift emergency service of BUDOMAL Company uses MT-501 device, therefore it arrives in record time from the moment of reporting lift failure.

MT-501 device compliant with PN-EN 81-28:2004
with the transmission of fault code from LS-2020 controller


The feature of voice connection with the cabin allows an emergency service employee to communicate with the trapped passengers already on the way to the broken lift. The structure of the device, integral GSM/GPRS modem, properly selected technical features allowing direct cooperation with standard lift cabin intercom guarantee the possibility to install the device not only in newly constructed, but also in renovated passenger and freight lifts.