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  • 2013 - Management

    BUDOMAL provides professional management services to investment projects in the field of construction and interior surfaces. Experienced and highly qualified employees are seconded to act as Project Manager or Superintendent of the Investor. Project supervision ends only when the final delivery of the building for use. Care of the proper execution of each project company exercises from A to Z. The offer such a service shall carry out the investment process, management of construction costs, to examine the technical condition of the real estate (due diligence), to design and build a space for tenants, making transformation planning to increase the potential and value of the property and preparation of a feasibility study .

  • 2006 - Certificate ISO 9001:2000

    It is an international standard that specifies requirements to be fulfilled by a quality management system in the organization.

  • 2002 - Lifts

    BUDOMAL assembles in buildings emerging electrical and hydraulic cranes , which are used in residential and public buildings. It also provides installation of equipment in the building of customization options to meet the needs of people with disabilities or to transport hospital beds . The components used are of the highest quality , microprocessor control , bezreduktorowe winch leading manufacturers. The company also offers modernization and replacement of elevators, which were stale , worn , or do not meet current safety standards in existing buildings .

  • 2001 - Construction

    BUDOMAL comprehensively deals with the construction of residential and utility. Accompanied in the whole process of supervision over the shape of the project , through the choice of materials, the final execution. The company offers construction, renovation and modernization of large industrial facilities, public buildings, office buildings, the construction of residential buildings in the full range of works including the external infrastructure. In addition, the company also offers design and analysis of the cost of investment and conducting supervision of investment.

  • 1999 - Pavements

    BUDOMAL performs complex works road- paving taking into account the reconstruction and modernization of water and sewage infrastructure, telecommunication and energy.

  • 1995 - Thermo-modernization

    BUDOMAL from the beginning performs insulation of buildings using the most modern and fully proven technologies and materials recommended by the biggest and well-known manufacturers. The solutions provide meet the strict parameters of thermal insulation, improve the aesthetic quality of the facade, as well as its durability.

  • 1993 - Adaptations

    BUDOMAL performs the adaptation and modernization of buildings, including historic buildings, at the stage of preparation for the comprehensive implementation of the work. And the execution of the works.

  • 1991 - Company formation

    BUDOMAL has been operating on the construction services market since 1993.


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