Heat energy savings are beneficial not only to the wallet, but also the environment and economy.

Thermo-modernization services will allow you to save energy consumption by 25% and more!

  • full technical advice for the anticipated scope of works
  • help in financing thermo-modernization
  • taking over the function of project management company
  • execution of technical design and colouring concept together with obtaining appropriate administrative permits
  • thermal insulation of external walls
  • thermal insulation of ventilated and unventilated flat roofs
  • installation of nesting boxes for birds
  • modernization services of central heating and domestic hot water systems
  • metering of central heating energy and domestic hot water consumption
  • thermal insulation of basement ceilings
  • comprehensive roofing and flashing services
  • comprehensive renovation of balcony slabs
  • disassembly and utilization of asbestos panels
  • replacement of window- and door frame-woodwork
  • modernizations using renewable energy sources
  • cost estimation service

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