Cranes complete - buildings emerging

We offer comprehensive solutions for cranes. The scope of the offer includes electrical and hydraulic cranes designed for housing facilities and public utilities. We also provide delivery, installation and service of special equipment, panoramic elevators, dedicated to people with disabilities or to transport hospital beds. BUDOMAL takes care of the highest standards, we supply components of the highest quality, reputable manufacturers. Our lifts satisfy the requirements of existing standards for cranes.

Modernization of elevators in existing buildings

Our domain is the modernization and replacement of elevators, which were stale, worn, or do not meet current safety standards. We offer a complete set of modernization variant of an existing engine or no engine, using inverter drives bezreduktorowych leading manufacturers. We use solutions to maximize cabin space.

As the upgrades are performed frequently in existing residential buildings, an important aspect is to conduct the work in a manner least disruptive for residents. Having a BUDOMAL by qualified fitters brigades can shorten the period of exemption crane operation to a minimum. Service realize comprehensively provide to provide the required technical documentation and participation in receptions and research UDT.

Advantages of retrofitting: reduction of energy consumption, improve safety and traveling comfort, higher reliability, lower operating costs, increase functionality and aesthetics, adapt to the needs of people with disabilities.

The scope of the company's offer BUDOMAL also includes: a platform for disabled people, expertise, technical advice, installation of lifting equipment, maintenance and emergency lifts, supply of components, preferential financing conditions

We have a professional call center with the registration of connections, which redirects are connecting directly to the conservator's watch. Cabins are equipped with an integrated communication module emergency calls are regularly monitored.


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