We are where the quality of materials, professional workmanship and timely execution of the contract matter. Those three factors constitute the foundation for pavements laid by us.

Every material that we use has all the necessary certificates and meets rigorous standards.


  • construction of parking lots, roads, sidewalks made of concrete cubes or pavers
  • construction of temporary pavements
  • demolition works of roads, sidewalks, temporary roads
  • construction of fences, retaining walls, street furniture and green areas
  • construction (modernization) of plumbing, storm water, draining systems, power and telecommunication systems
  • preparatory road works: preparation of soil along with compacting, structural layers, road embankments, stabilization
  • earthworks: moving soil masses, water reservoirs, ponds, channels, drainage ditches, land levelling, playing fields, squares, soil compacting and replacement, earth cuts, embankments, banks, loading of bulk materials
  • execution of linear drainage of roads, parking lots and squares
  • cost estimation services

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